Hot water explosion proof pressure washers

Triangle Equipment offers electric-heated and explosion-proof cleaning systems manufactured by PSC, available in either hot or cold water models.

PSC has hot-water explosion-proof pressure washers in a variety of models for both the standard series and offshore series.

All explosion-proof pressure washers feature a belt-driven oil-bath plunger pump, fully
automatic start/stop circuit, automatic high temperature shut down, and 50ft. high pressure hose assembly with lance/trigger gun. The hot-water models also provide automatic heat exchanger with
stainless steel heat exchanger coil, low level shutdown, adjustable high temperature limit control, and low inlet water pressure protection.

The Offshore pressure washer series also includes a drip-proof pump base with stainless steel cover and is galvanized to ASTM 123 and CSA G164 Standards. If you would like more details on the specifications, download our brochure.

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