Triangle Equipment Offers the Top Brands in Industrial Automatic Parts Washers

Investing in an industrial parts washer can save your company money. Automatic parts washers offer you enhanced cleaning performance by automating the washing process, using high pressure jets to scrub the parts with an aqueous detergent solution.

Just some of the advantages of using an automated parts washer include:

Quality- The use of high pressure jets and detergent insures that your parts will be clean

Time- With an automated system, your employees will have time to focus on other jobs

Labor savings is only one of the many benefits of an aqueous parts washer. Consider also the safety and health of your employees. If you currently use solvents in your cleaning application, your employees’ health might be at risk. A switch to the aqueous based cleaning solutions used with our parts washers will minimize the risks to your employees and save you money on costly worker compensation claims.

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